Monday, September 6, 2010

Our donation went to these cute babies

"Starfish House" from South Africa, Ms. Amanda (Amanda de Lange) was founded, she came to Xi'an in 2004, Professor of English, and often volunteer in Xi'an Children's Welfare Institute.

September 2005, she and The orphanage in Xi'an signed an agreement to set up a foster care point - Starfish House. Starfish was founded to save those who need special help sick babies. By strengthening nutrition and create an atmosphere of love, so that the children back to health, then arrange for their operation, payment of medical expenses, and for postoperative care. Hou end of surgery, but also to find adoptive families to prepare, so that each child can emerge in a stable home full of love , these families usually the family overseas. Starfish House is responsible for providing archival material relating to children, to where they were adopted by the China Center of Adoption Affairs in Beijing decision.

After Ms. Amanda and several overseas volunteers two years of unremitting efforts, according to the U.S. 501 (c) 3 provisions of Act, in April 2007, "Starfish Children's Services" (Starfish Children's Services, SCS) Foundation finally United States incorporated. The tax code in the United States :20-4682916.

Earlier this year, Shaanxi Province, home of Red Cross agreed to accept donations on behalf of starfish, and the official receipt issued by legitimate. Since February 2009 has been home starfish the size of the rapid development of foster children increased from 20 to 50. From its inception, starfish foster home children totaled 92. 55 patients have completed surgery, 23 children have been adopted by overseas families. There are two families are waiting for adoption. "Starfish House" the dream is able to more treatment and rehabilitation of sick babies, the children grow up to provide a warm environment for the healthy growth of children, for those who bring more happiness and hope to orphans.

I will donate to them every month from my income :) for almost 5 years.

I am so happy to help them a bit. see them here, those cute and poor babies

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