Monday, September 6, 2010

My busy day 2010-09-06

I am so sleepy and tired (local time was 2:30), maybe cause all today is heavy rainy.?

SO I did the following things today:

7:30 get up toilet, cleaning face, and helped 3.8 old daughter put on clothes after I got the right ones. Helped her wash face, hair dressing, and took her bag. I dressed up and we got to kindergarten together at 8:00

8:15 got in a very very very crowded Chinese bus (City loop #2)

8:45 Got to office and spent 8 hours there

17:40 I got the same bus back with same situations to the kindergarten to pick daughter up and we home at 18:00

18:00-18:30 I played with her , watched Sponge Bob, and saw their new book. and an English vedio

18:40 I cooked some seafood meat ball soup with mushroom and vege. Fried a dish of celery and onion and cucamber and pork. and some steamed bun

19:30 I had dinner with wife and daughter wth some TV

20:30 I started to chat a bit on ETSY. and was interupted times by daughter...gave up and until she was playing with her mother,

22:00 Went back to bed room to help her sleep, gave an endless story, she could not fall asleep she told me I guessed she had too much food.:(

23:00 She finally slept with her old ,milk feeder. not my story actually

00:10 I came back to my PC and chated until now I wrote this FB

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