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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

about me

Hello, everyone. I am Zhang from China- a paper artist.
I do papercut and some paintings.

my etsy is and
As a child I started to learn these from my grand parents, Ileanrt cutting from grandma, and painting from grandpa. At that times,10 years ago, when they were still with me. They were teachers in an art school and spent their time in their last days on the art they are obssessed with. They lived on them, so it was actually a family business, they had a shop along the art street in downtown xi'an.

Well as time goes,thing changed. They passed away in same month when I thought I still didnt finish the "Course" 7 years ago. Now the family members are like scattered sands, busy with all so called "Careers" everywhere of the country/world. And cutting and paintings are not the family business anymore as no one would be able and like to carry it on, and as it's not so popular , especially in China. So few people like this old tradition anymore, especially among the young people.

I was very excited when I found ETSY in 18 Sep 2008. I have been trying to save this old and tradition art in my life at least to me.

Many people will ask
"Are they handcut"?
I tell now "All papercuts in shop were handmade by myself in my studing time and recent years"


"How long it may take for an average work".
Now I say for everage work 10 hours around. And they told me My prices are too low! Well I know its really too low for American standard.

So I would like to see more info of the market, and keep kinda same pace with them from the early MARCH.

Still some days for the current rate. Now they are 50% OFF already

**********Please also check my sold items, I can redo it if you are interested*******************

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