Sunday, March 8, 2009

about the life

wift theses days became very upset and angery about the outside life- we may call it social life.

As we all work for bosses in 2 different companies , she is now fed up with all sophistacating communications ,, and hidding from others and anyting like this . She tried to persuade me to open our own business, sell cigarette with a corner shop. She regarded as a litle gold mine but she never know the difference between the self owned business and the woking for others .. she never know how many levels are there for the fake cigars .. how to ...

She is just so pure and cute.

this why I love her ,, about love I listened to the radio progem the other night after a routine quarel with her.. I bursted into tears once i heard the DJ said with a tender and peaceful voice: "Once you fall in love with some one, you will never find the reason why you are quarelling with him/her"

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